Quick Home Fixes on Daylight Saving’s Time

“Fall Back” time is coming. When it arrives on November 6th, we, in theory, gain an extra hour of sleep. If you’d like to spend that extra hour doing something other than sleeping, here are seven quick and easy home improvements, each of which you can complete in an hour to instantly add a fresher look to a home. Whether you’re a real estate agent or a home seller, these tips could just help sell a home more quickly. Don’t let that extra hour go to waste!
Paint the front door. Some homeowners actually paint their front door seasonally, but you don’t have to go to that extreme. In one hour you could tape off the external-facing side of a front door and add a fresh coat of paint. Adding an eye-catching color can help draw potential buyers to that front door.
Add new curtains. New window treatments, particularly curtains, always improve the look of a home’s interior. If you already have the hardware in the right place, you could put up new curtains in every room inside of an hour.
Rent a power washer. Using a power washer on an entryway, pathway, or driveway can immediately give the area in front of a home a newer, cleaner look.
Add plants. New seasonal plants or flowers placed in front window boxes and porch planters provide a splash of color and a sense of welcome.
Install a new faucet. Nothing brightens a kitchen or bathroom sink quite like a shiny new faucet. You can upgrade the hardware for a sink in an hour.
Trim a tree. A fresh haircut to trees in the front of a home can instantly spruce up a property. With a pair of loppers and a ladder, you can even out overhanging branches to give them a clean-cut look.
Touch up mulching. Applying a new layer of mulch over the old immediately improves the look of a yard at little cost.
Have your own one-hour home improvements you’d recommend? Let us know about them!


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